Re: Raising Boot Stripe

JB Duler

We experienced the opposite last summer. We were sitting very high on the water.

I had removed additional chain and anchors from the stern locker and had placed them in one of the forward lockers (the Meltem has four massive forward lockers: two for additional anchors, chain and lines and two for sail bags)

The yard then replaced all batteries (12 of them) and moved them from the engine room to the center, under the floorboards.
The inverter and the charger were also removed from the engine room to the space next to the chart table.

Then we bought a trailer where we unloaded all the non essential things in the lockers from the boat: pots of paint and epoxy, spare pumps, plumbing parts, lots of wood, lots of tools (we stored close to 1,500 lbs of stuff in that trailer...)

By that time the water line was slightly above the water.

Then the mechanics hired a crane with a very skilled driver. It was amazing to see him removed the engine and the generator without touching anything on the boat. They were both sent to the shop for repairs...

That's when my neighbor came over to compliment me about the lines of the Meltem. He said her lines look like a racing boat (!) with her stern high on the water. I kind of agreed, and thanked him for his nice comments (of course I did not say that both the 115hp Yanmar and the 6KW Onan were out of the boat).


I am sure that if you look hard enough you will find spares on your boat that were for a previous pump, panels of acrylic to replace the windows one day, plywood under the bunks, etc, etc..Maybe you even kept the old standing rigging just in case...
John Bernard "JB" Duler
San Francisco
Meltem # 19, Western Med

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