Re: Insurance Comparison

Bill Kinney


I agree it might be helpful but the forum rules specifically prohibit "criticism of persons or businesses in which you may have experienced unsatisfactory results..." and I am being pretty critical here.

I might be taking that rule a bit too literally, but one of the things I have learned about insurance policies is they are highly variable in terms of costs and terms, frequently in ways that aren't at all transparent. I hesitate to recommend--or condemn--an underwriter or broker by name based on language in one policy.

It is certainly within the rules to say that we are insured through the Gowrie Group as brokers supplying a policy underwritten by Merkal.  It is expensive, but checks most of our boxes, and has a minimum of "gotcha!" clauses in the policy language.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Hollywood, FL, USA

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