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I researched that topic in early 2008 and only found one place on the Pacific side of Panama that could haul our sized boat. That was Fuerte Amador on Flamenco Island just outside Balboa. It is not inexpensive and good luck finding anti-foul paint. Most folks had their anti-foul shipped in. We did not haul there so cannot give any personal comments about either the facilities, services or products available.

It is possible that new facilities have been built in the general since then, but I haven't heard or read of any. All the other places suggested to us used rails and slipways; did not have travel lifts; and were for smaller boats. Good luck.

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We're looking for a boatyard in the vicinity of the Pacific side of Panama canal for a haulout, bottompaint, and a place to leave our Amel for a few months before our Pacific crossing. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


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