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Barry Connor

Hi Ruedi,

My pump were all running well.
I first took the dock water, very high pressure and forced it through the raw water tube from the pump. Lots of stuff came out on the water line. I could see scales and tiny shell pits, ran this for about 30 minutes. Then I had the 2 kids from Caraibe Refrigeration come and put the acid solution through, they recycled this solution for about 30 minutes. Then did the same to the A/C pipes. 
This was my problem, I didn't realise that the water flow was restricted. I was getting condensation under the freezer and excess water from the A/C evaporators. I had a few so called fridge guys check my gas in the units. Finally one guy told me it was the flow restriction. So many Amels come here with problems and you know that the mechanics here are experienced on Amels especially Caraibe Marine. Much better than Hyeres or anywhere else I have been in the Med. One indicator was that my 24v Flowjet pumps were very hot all the time. My refrig is running 24/7 all year, Lady P has the fridge/freezers always full.

It is easy to hook up a water hose and see what the flow is.

Very Best

"SV Lady Penelope II'
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On Monday, January 24, 2022, 06:37:14 PM AST, Rudolf Waldispuehl <rudolf@...> wrote:

Hi Randal


Thank you for your advice. In my case the cooling pump is running well and constantly. So there must be another problem with the freezer and it seems that it is the blocked filter or ice cristal issue as Thomas from Garulfo mentioned. I will do some more tests tomorrow.


Best regards



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Its a long shot, but if your water pump is very old you could have a lack of cooling water running through the fridge and two freezers.

I could hear the fridge running, but the cooling pump had stopped working, even though the pump controller in the engine compartment had tried to turn the pump on.

I had this happen and found turning off the fridge and freezers for a couple of hours, then after this I turned them back on and they worked fine. Finding this meant the compressor would cool the fridge and freezers.

So I dismantled the shur flo pump, cleaned the brushes, reassembled the unit and was back in business.

So I suspect the compressor freezes up, and no longer cools the fridge.But the fridge is running

That has been my experience.

I have purchased two new pumps, one is a backup. For when I return to the boat I will also pump some diluted hydrochloric acid through the cooling lines as well.





On Sat, Jan 22, 2022 at 10:12 AM Rudolf Waldispuehl <Rudolf@...> wrote:

Hi Amelia’s, (@ Arno & Mohammad)


The Galley fridge on my A54 is only intermittently cooling and sometimes it stops completely until I can restart it. A fridge-guy told me; - it is the filter blocked inside the unit and it is a common problem on boat fridges. He mentioned, he need to take out the compressor to change the filter (just a 2€ part). But to take out the compressor on my A54#55, it seems I need to dismantle a big parts of the galley because the “service opening” is too small for the compressor replacement.


Does anyone know where this filter is located by any chance?


@ Arno/Mohammad, I have found in older treats that you had similar problems and you both changed the compressor. How was it gone and how to change the compressor without too much hazzle? The opening is too small, even if I’m able to remove the big wood panel galley front.

How was it in your case?


Thanks and best regards




AMEL54 #55

Puerto Almerimar


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Hi Thomas,

Ice crystals would occur if the filling of the system was not done properly. There is a filter in the system that binds any moisture that may be left at filling time. Normally they replace this filter when refilling. Once a system is working properly there is no interference with the atmosphere so moisture cannot enter. If the system is leaking you may see moisture enter the system after so much gas has escaped that at run-time the low pressure side gets below atmospheric pressure (depending on where the leak is). If you still have the original compressors (you can see this by looking at the way the speed control works). The newer units use a rotary switch if I'm correct. If you still run the originals chances are you have a gas leakage, most probably at the quick-fittings. These are the screw connectors that connect the evaporator to the compressor.
In my case the problem was a leaking heat-exchanger (the tube on top of the compressor) that rotted away due to the salt water in the circuit. In the end I replaced all the compressors.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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