B&G Nad-3 Vs H5000 autopilot on Amel

Joan Blaas


After my previous treat on electronic brands I more or less have decided to go for an all B&G solution. Next question is what autopilot should I choose.

Does anyone has experience with the B&G nad-3 on their Amel? Are you happy with the steering capabilities? Especially is strong winds, gusts recovery, high waves etc.

From paper I prefer the nad-3 over the H5000 because it's a more out of the box solutions and it requires less calibration. But the H5000 is more advanced.

So I wonder how good are the out of the box capabilities of the nad-3 on a Amel ketch rigged sailing vessel.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I really want to make sure I buy the right stuff.

Kind regards,

Joan Blaas
AMEL 55-05
Currently in Martinique

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