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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Steve. It is the full of grease that saved you. I put a grease nipple on ours  to keep it full. Grease is the cheapest spare part you will ever  buy
SM 299
Ocean Pearl

On 27/01/2022 04:33 Stephen Davis <flyboyscd@...> wrote:

I’m curious when Amel decided to change to the genoa furler installed on most of the SMs. We have SM #72, and our gearbox and motor is the same as the later boats. In 2015 we overhauled the genoa gearbox, and needed to replace all the seals and bearings. However, in spite of many miles sailed, the stainless worm gear and the bronze gear showed very little wear, and we chose not to replace them. I still have spares of both of those gears, but wonder if I’ll ever need to replace them. When we got the gearbox apart, it was still full of grease. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM #72, Mazatlan, Mexico

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