Re: Amel Maramu replacement waterlock

Dirk Hazenoot Maramu Huli 171

Amel friends you have rightly scared me. There will be no Waterlock LSS 50 on our boat. Now I'm looking further because we need a new waterlock our original Amel waterlock has rotted through. I see that Vetus also sells a VETUS HD WATERLOCK / SILENCER TYPE NLP, 50 MM, 10 LITER, BLACK this is resistant to high temperatures. Now I just don't know if a waterlock with a two-chamber construction is suitable for sailing yachts due to leaning. And I also wonder if 10 liters is not too big. Or does a large volume not matter with a two-chamber waterlock. I hope someone can tell me more about this. I would also like to thank Eric and John for their response.
PS: John is your boat still in Port Napoleon? We are on dry land in Port Napoleon. We are refurbishing our Maramu for our world trip. New engine, new rigging, electrics, paint system. If you are in the area, I would like to meet you and share experiences.

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