Re: Amel Maramu replacement waterlock

James Alton

Hello everyone, 
   I think that the custom fiberglass aqualift muffler is an excellent solution and when my original muffler goes it will be replaced with fiberglass. I have yet to see a fiberglass muffler  fail and have installed and built quite a few.  I think it is important to note that most epoxies have a  much lower heat tolerance than the Polyesters so keep that in mind in the selection of the resin.  Most of the commercially available fiberglass mufflers are polyester and also use a fire retardent resin that will self extinguish itself.  I am not too sure how critical the fire retardent resins/additives are since the exhaust hose would probably burn off before the muffler could get hot enough to burn so make your own decision .  The heating issue only becomes a concern of corse if there is an extended period where cooling water is lost. 

James Alton
SV Sueno
Maramu #220

On Fri, 28 Jan 2022 at 0:15, Giorgio Ardrizzi
<giorgio.ardrizzi@...> wrote:
Hi everyone
In my Sharki the Amel's original waterlock was corroded after 27 years and was no longer compatible with the new 54 hp Yanmar engine.  I had one custom built in 316 s/s, but after a few years it started to corrode again.
After repairing it several times, last year I decided to order a custom one in epoxi and it works perfectly.  Alizée Composit built it for me in Le Marin, Martinique and it cost 500 euros.
No Vetus models available in Martinique fit my engine due to lack of space between the bottom and the riser.

Giorgio Ardrizzi
sy Saudade III - Amel Sharki #1 1980


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