Re: How to get the gearbox from the boom

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all. Re this removall issue
 If the shaft is frozen through neglet and is immovable the best option is to heat with a wide gas torch.This is the least destructive method and very effective. Can be done with boom in place. I wince an behalf of the booms who are pouded with sledge hammers. Once successfully removed my adage of grease being the cheapest spare part comes into play. Thereafter draw the shaft at regular intervals and apply your favourite anti sieze.  Mine is lanocote.
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On 28/01/2022 10:11 Craig Briggs <sangaris68@...> wrote:

Hi Willem,
An option I used was to remove the boom and take it to a machine shop with a proper press and blocking pieces. Easier and less prone to damage from pounding, etc. Plus inexpensive and not difficult at all,
Craig Briggs - s/v Sangaris / SN68  Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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