Re: B&G Forward Scan Transducer Install

Patrick McAneny

Matt, I had my transducer installed by a marine electrical company,due to it being covered by an insurance claim. I have installed a few transducers and it is pretty straightforward. With the forward scan you need to locate it down as low and forward as possible and of course the transducer needs to be installed absolutely level by contouring the plastic shim to fit the hull , of course it needs to face absolutely forward.
Having said that, I will now say if I had to do it again , I would have saved my money and not installed it. Maybe it is just my experiences,but I find the images so erratic,to be useless. I thought it was because of the soft mud of the Chesapeake affecting the returns, but I am now in the Bahamas with packed sand and the returns are still useless. I wish it worked well here , but it does not and I don’t even turn it on.
I have spoken to the B&G reps. At the Annapolis  boat show the last two years,even showing them videos of the erratic display. They had no explanations, when I asserted that they would not sell a product that is useless,would they.
I hope you have better luck than me, most everyone does, in any circumstance. I have the Luck of the Irish,but not the good type.
Good luck,
Patrick McAneny
SM Shenanigans
Black Point, Bahamas

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