Re: Lofrans Tigres

Bill Kinney

I am surprised you could keep on of these windlasses going so long!  Good job!  I'd be MORE surprised if you have the original 38 year old chain, and, of course, the size of that is really what controls the selection of the gypsy.  Assuming you are looking to match your existing chain...

The Lofrans' gypsy has numbers for the size cast into into it, although they might be a bit hard to see if it has been hauling chain for 38 years. Assuming your current gypsy works well with your current chain, that might be your best guide.

Failing that, it is usually recommended that you use a half meter or so of chain to test a gypsy before purchase, although that is not always possible of course.  Careful measurement of the chain can also tell the difference between similar specifications.  Here is a useful table:  rode-sizing

Bill Kinney
SM160,  Harmonie
Hollywood, FL

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