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Justin Paulsen


I had to get one of these for working on something else, I ended up getting this from Amazon in the US:

It's a multi-bit screwdriver with many of the common security bits.  I think that is what you are looking for, however check out the bits it comes with and make sure.

The quality is pretty good and it worked for my use.  It was about $32 when I bought it and it seems like it still is around that price.

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On Mon, Jan 31, 2022 at 7:28 PM JB Duler <jbduler@...> wrote:

Hello all,

Most of the nuts used outside are of a type U (also called PIG NOSE - SNAKE EYE TWIN PIN - TWIN HOLE - TWO HOLE - TWO PIN -2PIN - 2 HOLE)
I found some, unfortunately wrong sizes. I bought U4-U8 but it looks like I need something bigger like U9-U12
I found a source on ebay UK:

Does that ring a bell to any of you. I looked everywhere, found some in France through Amazon but too small.
I also need the nuts (because I dropped the ones I managed to remove...).

I have some screenshots.

Idealy I would like to find a US supplier for the bits. I assume the nuts are metric.


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