Alternative rigger recommendation in Europe

Neil Meyrick

Hi we recently took over Revelation from Drew & Lili Gaffney. One of the things Drew was trying to do before selling the boat was to replace the standing rigging. He bought a full set of replacement rigging from ACMO which we now have, and was trying to schedule Nicky Sammut to come out and fit it but due to various factors was never able to schedule this. 

We've heard that Nicky is the top man for this, but have been struggling to get hold of him and get some dates from him when he could visit the boat. I'm still trying to agree some dates with him, but feel like the time has come to start looking at alternatives. 

The boat is currently in Carloforte in Sardinia, and the feedback I've had from rigging work done by the local yards was not positive. My insurance is currently excluding any rig damage, and when Olivier checked it over on the survey he said overall it looked ok, but he couldn't verify the condition of the forestay and would not recommend sailing other than in very light conditions until it is changed. I'm not happy about sailing a new-to-me boat for the first time with a question mark hanging over the rig. 

Which leaves me thinking that I probably need to find someone who would be able to fly in and do the work where the boat is, ideally in the next few weeks so that it is done before easter. 

Any recommendations for an alternative who could do this would be very much appreciated


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