Re: Dolphin 24V30A charger manual

Jose Venegas

I used the relay from the Victron BMS 279 to control a second NO relay (220/24v power/control) that controls the 220V feed to the battery charger with the breaker left ON when running on shore power.  The relay can be programmed through blue tooth and your mobile APP to turn ON when the battery is discharged to the desired %charge (say 40%) and then OFF when it reaches another desired charge level (Say 90%).  As long as the charger does not exceed the voltage of 28.8 V the batteries will be happy.  Note that if your solar is not enough to charge the 24H boat's electrical load, the batteries will be discharged each night more than they charge during the day. Thus eventually the battery charge reaches the preprogrammed 40% level and the charger is activated automatically starting the charging mode again. In Ipanema, currently in Panama, running the two freezers, the fridge, and all lights and fans the battery charger runs only once every 7 days.  This combination allows your boat to remain connected to shore power with fans and refrigerators ON while keeping the lithium batteries happy and you sleeping well at night without having to buy a sophisticated battery charger.    The battleborn lithium batteries are recommended that every one or two weeks be charged to 28.8 v and kept there for 30 minutes to allow their internal BMS  to equalize the battery cells.  This I do manually bypassing the second relay with a switch in parallel it, when I am on the boat, typically by running the generator to exercise it.    
Hope this helps
Jose Gabriel Venegas
Ipanema SM2k #278
Currently in Red Frog Marina

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