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Davi Rozgonyi

Hey there, welcome in advance to the family! I say this with confidence cause if you've already got Amels on your radar, it's the only boat you'll end up with for sure :) A couple thoughts from a fairly inexperienced owner here: 
1. The difference in price between 2000, redline and original SMs is quite large. For us, spending 100k more on a 10 year newer model didn't make sense because the bones of the SM are pretty much the same. You'll get a bigger engine and beefed up tranny I think, but the original little Perkins has done us fine, as an example. The layout is more or less identical. The hull will last 10,000 years either way as long as it hasn't been damaged. So the 100k we saved by buying a 1991 vs 2001 went a long LONG way towards refitting, adding extras, and padding out the cruising kitty, as it might do for you. 
2. Plans?! What stinkin plans?! :) Our amazing former owner Robin beat it into our heads that living on a sailboat means you gotta be good with plans being the merest of suggestions only. Be ready to change every single point of your plan, embrace change, and enjoy the unpredictability of it. We started in Italy and were set on going around as well, but then took a wrong turn and then another and got stuck in the eastern Med now for the last 3 years! We love it so much here we might never leave. There is enough to see for 10 lifetimes. Nothing wrong with that either ;) 
3. Bill Rouse of this forum and Yacht School I believe is invaluable. Check out his programs. We used his remote survey, which involved taking hundreds of strategic photos of prospective boats for sale. He went through them and identified problems, good and bad, value, price opinion etc. These boats have a VERY steep learning curve compared to other sailboats, and it felt great to have a seasoned Amel sailor standing behind you. Plus he personally knows a surprisingly lot of these boats, so just with a name he can help. 

Ok that's it. Good luck! 
S/Y Wake

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