Re: Introduction

Martijn Bolt

Thanks everybody for the great responses and warm welcome!

We're definitely in the market for an older SM as well, as long as most of the refitting has been done already. We sort of want to sail more and repair less. Who doesn't? HaHa.:-) As I've been an engineer all my life I'm used to solving problems, so I think I'll manage doing most of the repairs or finding the right people to do it for me. But doing a lot of refitting would rather be something I'll reserve for when I retire one day or something. :-) The difference regarding the engine/transmission is not a big deal for me but I do understand that a SM2000/redline is easier to sell. Is there maybe a list of the main differences between pre- and post-1999 Amels? I saw one years ago but can't figure out where that was.

The map I drew was not really a serious plan :-D I was just figuring out our sabbatical is "in theory" long enough to go on a long "nicely rounded" trip of some sort. I fully expect to end up in completely different situations. Even after these few interactions I'm already rethinking the starting point of our intended voyage. :-D

I'm in touch with Bill already and will definitely check it out! Thanks!


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