Amel SM or another Amel model in SALVAGE


I believe that there are at least 2 SMs in salvage. One was in Guadalupe, the other in St. Martin. Maybe there are more than 2 because there is one in Trinidad that should be in salvage.

I would like to have any contact information that anyone has regarding these because with over 300 24/7 Support clients, and many components no longer available, I would like to connect clients to the person in charge of the salvage.

As an example, I am currently looking for an "under the salon sofa" fiberglass refrigeration unit. Recently a client needed new masts and booms, another needed a bow thruster, and another needed a complete Genoa Furler motor and gearbox assembly.


CW Bill Rouse Amel Owners Yacht School
720 Winnie, Galveston Island, Texas 77550 

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