Re: DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY THE EMAILS i POST TO THE GROUP DO NOT SHOW UP? is constantly working on an issue caused by users of Some users either accidentally mark incoming messages as spam, but more often when they do not want to receive any more emails, simply mark it as spam. This included a few members of this group.

The Internet Community of ISPs is constantly trying to identify those people producing spam. Because a few users make this error, this will happen. It is ALWAYS the smaller ISPs that do not update their database. Optonline is one of those ISPs. If you have GMAIL, you will not have this problem, unless you mark a Group email as spam.

I get an email from whenever someone marks an email as spam. And immediately removes that member from our Group, sending an email to the member with a link to re-join. BUT, please understand that the marking of that email as spam has already done its damage with regard to the ISP community trying to eliminate spammers. Almost every time this happens somebody at is required to mitigate the issue with the ISP community.

I hope this is understandable, but if it is not understandable to you and you have accidentally marked an email from our Group as spam, please change your email provider to GMAIL.


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On Tue, Feb 1, 2022 at 11:49 PM David Vogel <david.vogel@...> wrote:
Anyone know wht this means:  how I read it is that my ISP ( is rejecting emails sent from "" (which I presume is ''), due to so-called 'poor reputation'.  Any further insights, or how to fix this?

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