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I read your posting with interest and I have an important question.

The B&G pecs on the Forward Scanner state it requires a 50.8 mm hole. The B&G Depth Sounder that came with your SM requires a 32 mm hole. Apparently, the Depth Transducer on your SM was changed and the hole enlarged before you bought her. Can you confirm this?


On Thu, Feb 3, 2022 at 1:15 PM Jose Venegas via <> wrote:
I installed the B&G forward scanner in place of the original B&G depth scanner and it fit perfectly. I mounted the old depth scanner behind the forward scanner To avoid having to make a new hole on the hull, I mounted the old scanner on a plastic tube that was glued with silicone to the hull and partially filled with water to create a transmission media for the ultrasound. Once in a while I need to put some water as it evaporates in over time.
The only thing that I need to do for the old scanner to work is to start it before the forward scanner.  If I forget that, I can go to the chart plotter and temporarily suspend the forward scanner until the depth scanner starts.  After that both scanners work.  It is great to have the redundant information when you are entering unchartered areas.

To protect the forward scanner I fabricated a nest of 2 stainless rods aligned in the direction of the boat and screw it to the hull.  I may still be hit by debris but less likely be damaged.

Jose Venegas
Ipanema SM2K 278
Currently in Redfrog marina, panama.

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