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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Introduction - and some help on fridges pls


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Hello All,
First I am delighted to be posting here - this forum is a great resource.
Clair and I recently acquired Saol Eile (For the non Irish speakers Other Life) SM #228 - she is a fab boat and if we can have half the fun and adventures as her previous owners had we thing we will be very happy indeed. I believe she was one of the last of the Super Maramus before the SM2000 update.
Here she is off Cork Harbour, Ireland recently - we are just getting used to everything and we are hope to do a bit of voyaging (maybe to La Rochelle) this summer.

One thing that we must replace is the fridge which is the original from 1998 and is well past its sell by date. The old fridge is a Waeco Coolmatic HDC-120 and I am struggling to decide whether to try to put in something similar again, a drawer type fridge or indeed is there something better. I really want to be careful with my choice as I want to end up with a very power efficient setup if at all possible.
Many thanks in advance
Tom Crosbie

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