Fire in my cell phone

Eric Freedman <sailamel@...>

A few days ago, I awoke and went to my cellphone to unplug it and put it in my pocket. I noticed the cord where it attaches to the phone was smoldering.

While I unplugged it burst into flames. I removed the cord from the charger outlet, and all was well.

I then plugged it into another cord and for the last 2 days no problems.


I guess many of us leave the phone on the charger while we are asleep, I guess computers also.

Being that the wires are so fine, I believe if left alone it would have just melted and stopped smoldering.


However, if it were near something flammable, what could have happened in my sleep?


From now on computers and all small electronics will be unplugged while I sleep.

Fair Winds


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