Re: Dessalator 24v watermaker motor expected brush life? Anyone replace theirs?



Maybe this helps. The 220v doesn't have brushes

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Hi Scott,

 In 21 years since new we have done at least 2,000 hours on our 60 lph Dessalator--we may have done more than 3,000, but I am not on the boat at the moment. That would be a mixture of 220v and 24v.    I can't recall changing brushes on the 220v motor but have done so once on the 24v.
 I don't know if you have the same motors.

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Have any of you had to replace the 24v brushes on your Dessalator 24v water maker pump motors? I am guessing the motors are similar across the range, but to be specific, the 24v motor on our Duo 100 is the Drive Systems V745.

A fellow A54 stated that they've had to replace theirs every 500 hours of use, which seems quite low. As a basis for comparison, my Flojet fridge water pump motor brushes averaged anywhere from 2000-3000 hours running 24/7 and the Marco engineers I spoke to told me to expect the same from their brushed motors.

We are now in the South Pacific with about 500 hours on the 24V motor and I am getting a bit nervous. Desslator stated that "We can’t tell you how many hours last the brushes, it is too random, there is no really “rules” for that."

And unfortunately, due to supply chain issues, it will take 2-3 months for Drive Systems to manufacture them and cost around 300 euros for two sets of them. The price is even higher from Dessalator.

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