Re: SM Main Furling and outhaul gearbox - Bonfiglioli substituted for Leroy Somer



Thanks for your response.

I believe that SM 251 originally came with Leroy Somer Motor and Gearbox, Is the motor in your photo of 251 Leroy Somer or Bonfiglioli? Obviously, the gearbox is Bonfiglioli.

Do you have enough information available for another AM owner to duplicate this?  The information would include:
  1. List of fabricated and modified parts and additional material
  2. Drawings or photos and dimensions of fabricated parts
  3. Photos of the assembly process
  4. Anything else that might help.

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On Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 2:54 PM michael winand via <> wrote:
I have changed the main sail furling motor and gearbox from the leroy somer gearbox to the bonfiglioli. 
I had new mounts made for the gearbox to the mast, they are slightly different, this way I can change back. 
The inside diameter of the gearbox drive is smaller than the leroy somer gearbox, I had a new drive post made to suit, you could machine the gearbox to suit the existing post that drives the furling gearbox, this will allow you to use the bonfiglioli on the outhaul as well. 

Michael Nebo sm251 

On Wed, 16 Feb 2022 at 12:57 am, CW Bill Rouse
<brouse@...> wrote:

I am curious if a Bonfiglioli Main Furling and outhaul gearbox will work on a SM that was originally fitted with a Leroy Somer motor and gearbox. If so, is there an owner who could document the process of changing a Leroy Somer gearbox for a Bonfiglioli?


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