[Amel Yacht Owners] SSB Wipe-Antenna

Anne and John Hollamby <hollamby@...>

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If you mean a wire antenna the simple solution is to put ceramic insulators
in the starboard mizzen backstay, the top one being about four or five feet
down from the top and the lower one being about five feet up from the deck
so you do not burn anyone who is using it as a hand hold whilst you are
transmitting. The insulators are easily secured to the backstay and totally
safe but a bit expensive. The alternative cheap route is to get two ceramic
"eggs" like the ones used in the stays of telegraph poles etc but this will
not be cheap by the time you have changed the existing rigging wire with a
flexible type. Bali Hai was supplied with ground plates and a good copper
ground strap already installed together with a wooden plate glassed in to
the hull just between the deck and the shelf in the lazarette. This is to
secure the antenna tuning unit in a spot where it is possible to connect
the copper strap directly and to take the live antenna wire,insulated but
not screened, by the shortest route up to the lower insulator to which it
should be secured with a tube clip and covered in silicone to try to
postpone corrosion of the lead wire. You will probably have to mount the
ATU horizontally because of space restrictions, in this event it is a good
idea to drill a small drain hole in the lowest part in case some water gets
in. There is often such a hole made by the manufacturers in the bottom
which is now the side and a blob of silicone would not come amiss.

Good luck with it, John Hollamby

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