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Submitted: Wed, Feb. 3, 2010 01:25
Subject: amel super Maramu charging problem

Dear All.,
My boat build 1998 SM 223 Volvo TAMD22 hp105 Valeo alternator 60A.
Centurion baterie charger Victron
abb daily consumption. 150Ah
After a week an anchor my batterie bank is only 60% full.I charge the batteries twice per day 1.5 -2 hrs. After 30-35 min.charging the charges from 58A slouly go down to 4-5A.In this time
Gething abb.35 Ah.Twice per day the batteries get 70Ah!
The laterĀ  Amel have175A alternator.is that true?
I upgredet with ADVERC the existing alternator regulator (not any different)!
Last year I install Sunnwave Two 58W solar panel with charge regulator.No change!.
If i install 150A alternator, Batterie Charger 80 or 100A das it help to reduce the charging time?
My bank is batterie8 Delco fredom 110 each.
Pls any advice is well come.
Iv pepe SM 223
Bodrum Turkey

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