Re: Updating the Furuno GP-150

Ralph Heilig

Thanks Bill and Arno,

I was on the Boat and checked my System. My GP-150 showed the date jul 6 2002.

I did the FA-50 update for the AIS. Worked straightforward (I have a HUB-101) as per update instruction. Unfortunately I have to confirm, that now the Software Option Recieve only AIS is gone. I did not need it often, but it was nice. I don't know if I will install the Hardware solution.

For the GP-150 I decided to ship it to Furuno Germany which do the update for 115 Euro within a week. The GP-150 was very easy to remove from the panel within a few minutes. Just one screw on the side. Since I have no cable it's easier for me. 

What I also recogniced was, that my FAX-30 did not recieve any more NAVTEX Messages. I normaly get a couple of them every day in the Med. I think (hope) that it is a result of the wrong date it is getting from the GPS.

Santa Isabella

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