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I am not sure I would trust that person (technician) to do anything on my boat. That pump is a great pump and sells for about 700 euro and is completely rebuildable!
The common failure is a suction side leak. A suction side leak will not be visible with any water. In about 20 cases that I have seen, air is entering the suction side, causing it not to pull water up to the pump.
1. The 32mm hose is 6+ years old and has hardened, causing air to enter at the joint between the suction hose and the pump barbed hose fitting.
2. There is only one hose clamp at the 32mm suction hose barb.
3. There is foreign matter inside the pump (see tricks below)
4. The internal flapper valves need replacing
5. The internal diaphragm is cracked and needs replacing
6. The internal large O ring is leaking air and probably needs cleaning and greasing
7. The barbed hose fitting at the suction side is not correctly sealed to the pump
8. The Joker Valve needs to be replaced.

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Hi Folks
Im having some work done on my dishwasher and the technician said my bilge pump needs replacing because it didn’t pump out the grey bilge. I had left the grey bilge sparkling clean and dry ready for a new copper bonding strap on my return. From when we first boarded the boat for the first time we needed to prime the bilge pump and then every couple of weeks. We didn’t see this as problematic but our tech is saying that this is a failure and needs replacement rather than a feature. Do any of you more familiar with this pump (attached) have any wisdom to share? 

Many thanks


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