12 V sea water pump for fridge and freezer

Martin Birkhoff

Hello Amelians,

the sea water pump which feeds the cooling units of fridge and freezer quitted the job some days ago.
The pump and the spare pump are labelled to be 12 V pumps. Some mysteries to be unraveled:

The measured voltage of the pump wiring is 24 V (25,8 V). How can this happen?
The wiring is disappearing behind the engine rooms front insulation. Any ideas how it is continuing?
Where is the 12 V voltage generated? I would expect one of the three transformers under the navigational table to be the source. Or does there exist another source?

The wiing diagramms of Amel do not show any details concerning this sea water pump.

Thanks for your help

Mago del Sur - 54#40
currently Marina di Ragusa, Sicily 

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