Re: seals


Dessalator will be unresponsive because that is not a Dessalator-supplied pump. 

The one Dessalator used for the 160 has a 12mm mechanical seal. Most mechanical seals provide enough pressure on the 2 faces of the seal to seal water under pressure up to 6 bar. There is almost zero pressure on the Low-Pressure pump seals. I have not measured it, but likely less than 2 bar. I needed to replace this seal when I was in Penang Malaysia. I found a shop that had a box of them with no specifications whatsoever. I bought a 12mm seal and installed it. 8 years later it was still working.

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On Sat, Feb 26, 2022 at 7:06 AM william reynolds <sail23692@...> wrote:
I have a Dessalator 160 watermaker with a Leroy Somer PSP22 low pressure seawater pump. Does anyone have a source or the specs for the carbon water seal. LS and Dessalator have been unresponsive to my requests? They are 22mm but the spring pressure is critical.


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