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Doug Smith

You can make them fairly easily. The diameter on mine were 4.5 inches and I used 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/4” dyeneema to make them.  On Aventura the 1/8 dyneema matches very closely to the original ones. 
Directions are here.

Thanks, Doug Smith

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Hi David,
What mm are you finding that will cover most replacements or are you matching mm to load very specifically. 

All the best,
Joy 388

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Are you referring to “soft shackles”?


If so, you can buy these at a chandlery, or go to a rigger / sail-maker, and get them made up to spec.  We are in the process of replacing all met-to-metal shackle with soft shackles.





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Hi All,


Many of the “endless rope loops” – I don’t know what the technical term is – that secure e.g. the mizzen sheet block to the boom, amongst a number of other things, look to be in need of replacement. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a suitable alternative to these as I know that to make them in situ as would be required requires some expertise which I do not have and cannot see gaining anytime soon.





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