Introduction and gennaker/ballooner querry

David Dickman

Hello fellow Amelians:
   My name is David Dickman and I was fortunate in being able to recently purchase Amel 54 #100 (previously GalacSea II).  The previous owners, the Halphens, were superb caretakers and the boat is exquisite. 

    The new name of the boat is GALINI and I am confident she will fulfill her new namesake for many years to come.

     My query regards the use: hoist and dousing of the ballooner/gennaker sail in tandem with the genoa.  I have a 3 track foil and have researched this question on the forum and web in general.  I understand the concept of the two slides, as well as the hook/catch system, but am leary of trying it without further insight.  Thus, I am asking if anyone has a detailed instruction quide to same they would be willing to share.

    Thanks for any help you can provide; thrilled to be in same company of such fine sailors.


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