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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi David;


Welcome to the Amel Family. We are sister ships. You’ll find all Amels a great yacht that will provide many years of enjoyable use.


On the A54, the Gennaker is hoisted with a  separate halyard and the base of the furler is attached to one of the two shackles forward of the Genoa, depending on the tack. The Gennaker is not hoisted along with the Genoa, as the Gennaker sheets will utilize the Genoa sheet block and must be exchanged prior to setting the Gennaker.


The following are the steps we use:


  1. Furl the Genoa
  2. While still in the bow locker, attach the base of the Gennaker furler to the shackle forward of the Genoa, on the proper tack.
  3. Attach the Gennaker halyard (The halyard that has a block at the forward top of the main mast and is run exterior of the mast) to the head of the Gennaker, while still in the forward locker.
  4. With both the tack and head attached and the Gennaker furled, raise the Gennaker being careful with the roller furler not to damage the deck. Tension the halyard well, once raised.
  5. Attach the loop furler line to the cleat near the bow and make sure the block is locked so the Gennaker cannot unfurl while routing the Gennaker sheet aft.
  6. Remove the Genoa Sheet and store near the base of the Genoa, making sure it is secure.
  7. Run the Gennaker sheet through the Genoa block back to the main winch in the cockpit.
  8. Double and triple check to make sure all line and halyard are routed correctly and there will be no interference when the Gennaker is set. Also check to make sure the furler line is routed correctly in the furler.
  9. Release the Gennaker furler block lock and start sheeting in the Gennaker sheet. The Gennaker will catch the wind and start unfurling by itself, after the first few rolls.
  10. To furl back in, release the Gennaker sheet and fall off the wind and let the main sail provide some wind shadow to make the furling easier. Make sure you get several loops around the Gennaker. You can remove and store the in the locker in the reverse steps or just leave up, for future use.


Let me know if you have specific questions.


Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

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Hi David, The Amel owners Manuel for the SM has detailed illustrated instructions, I would expect the 54 to have the same.



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Hello fellow Amelians:

   My name is David Dickman and I was fortunate in being able to recently purchase Amel 54 #100 (previously GalacSea II).  The previous owners, the Halphens, were superb caretakers and the boat is exquisite. 


    The new name of the boat is GALINI and I am confident she will fulfill her new namesake for many years to come.


     My query regards the use: hoist and dousing of the ballooner/gennaker sail in tandem with the genoa.  I have a 3 track foil and have researched this question on the forum and web in general.  I understand the concept of the two slides, as well as the hook/catch system, but am leary of trying it without further insight.  Thus, I am asking if anyone has a detailed instruction quide to same they would be willing to share.


    Thanks for any help you can provide; thrilled to be in same company of such fine sailors.




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