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Barry Connor

Hi John,
I ordered a Hydranet Genoa and paid a 50% deposit in September. Did you order Hydranet? 
First promised December and since then continued excuses. Looks like I might have to get a refund through my Bank’s Visa Card department.
I would like to ask if anyone in the group has been able to get any Hydranet sails made from any sailmaker in the past 6 months. I do believe that Hydranet sail material has had a supply problem. Would really like to find out if that supply problem has been fixed.
Would appreciate if anyone in the group has more information. 
Don’t want to have to start the ordering process again with another sailmaker if the Hydranet problem still exists.
Very Best to all.

Barry and Penny
“SV Lady Penelope II”
Amel 54.  #17
Le Marin Marina 

On Mar 4, 2022, at 6:10 AM, Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer <ulrich.dangelmeyer@...> wrote:

So very sorry… John, worldwide supply chain restrictions.

If you better ordered them from Incidence Sails in LaRochelle, the OEM for Amel, like us 2 years before
Original cuts from Amel´s archive, best customer treatment, perfect shape and quality, perfect measures like Originals. fast delivery to a remote small greece island.

We did it with our new main and mizzen, without battens and pockets. HydraNet TriRadial. On recommendation from Incidence. Could not be better.
Today with Bills special owner forum´s discount. Best buy. And just my two cents. 

S/Y „Soleil Bleu“.
Am 04.03.2022 um 11:57 schrieb John via <thejluto@...>:

Please note. I am one of Bill's clients.

I ordered a Main and Genoa  from Qsails in August 2021.  As of March 2022, I have been lied to and ignored repeatedly and still have not received the Genoa.

John on SV Justina, A54 #34

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