Re: FA 50 GPS Rollover Update - Password for Memory Clear

Ralph Heilig

Hi All,
you need no User and Password. The Softwareupdate is storing all your stettings at the beginning and then restoring it after the update. I had nothing to manualy set after the update. All parameters as before. 

Here the procedure:

FA50 Update Procedures via PC
1. Preparation
(1) Connect a PC to the FA50 via ethernet connection
(2) Download the FA50 update program archive to your PC, and unzip it.
(3) Open “View Network Connections” from the start menu on PC, and select the “Local area 
connection” and open the properties. 
(4) Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” in [Networking] tab and open “Properties”. 
(5) Select the radio button “Use the following IP address:” and enter the following IP address and 
the subnet mask information. Setting of Default Gateway or DNS is not required.
a. PC IP Address:
b. Subnet mask:
2. Update Procedure
(1) Open the program folder and run the batch file “nUPFA50”. A Command Prompt window will 
(2) Turn on the FA50. Within approximately 10 seconds the message appears saying 
My IPaddress=
P0>connection IPaddress= 000%
P0>Now Writing
(3) A boot program for applications automatically starts updating. When finished, a message saying 
P0>connection IPaddress= 100%
P0>finish upload program. (size=204048) 
The upload should take approximately 20 seconds to complete. 
(4) When the message “Press any key to continue” appears, press any key for the Command 
Prompt to exit. 
(5) Disconnect the unit and it should be up to date.

More Infos:
fa50_update_procedures_via_pc.pdf (

Here you can download the software:
FA50 (

SY Santa Isabella

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