Re: leaky fuel tap

Craig Briggs

Hi Ben,
You can repair or replace this if you are willing to remove it. It would be best to have the tank near empty or low as you will be gushing fuel for a few seconds after you remove the "tap" and before you plug it closed with a temporary "plug" of, say, a tapered wood thru hull plug with cloth over it for a better seal. (Or your finger until your crew figures out a better solution😂)  Put some BIG sacrificial bath towels or similar under to sop up the fuel and then just remove the bad valve ("tap"). Fix the bad one with new washers or use a new replacement, pull your temporary "plug", install the new-or-repaired valve, sop up some more diesel, and "Bob's you Uncle". Send the fuel soaked towels to the Ukrainians to help fight the Ruskies. 
Cheers, --- Craig Briggs - s/v Sangaris / SN68  Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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