Amel 39 #newboat

Adi Hirzer.

Hello all, 
i am new here, thanks for having me :)

I am the process of buying a Amel Euros 39 from 1971. 
Absolutely love the boat. Just the right one for me at this point. 
There is a lot of work to be done to make her shine again. Absolutely looking forward to putting in some elbow grease.

Desperately looking for information on the dimensions, especially the genoa (furl) since the sail is ripped to shreds.
Unfortunately i am not at the boat location, so i am unable to take measures myself.
The dimensions for the genoa indicated in the file/download section dont seem to add up with the mast height.
And maybe they are for a non furl version. 
A sailmaker quoted me for a 45sqm but without dimensions.

Does anyone have the correct measurements ? 


original engine from 1971, supposedly a Renault x4 m90 A

she started and ran just fine at the viewing. 

yet i find no information with this search term. 

found a guy in england, Anthony Bennet. based on the pictures i sent him he said it is verly likely a RC90

can anyone share their experience with this engine?

am i likely to run into a total desaster with this motor ?

Thank you all in advance for your answers. 

If you have any other insight about the 39s, i would be super delighted and grateful. 

fair winds 


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