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Mohammad Shirloo

Hello Michael;


I’m not familiar with the D60. On our 150L/Hr A/C water maker, we have a similar looking HP gauge. The gauge is connected to the pressurized side of the HP pump, with a small diameter hose. This hose and sometimes the pressure gauge itself, can get buildup and prevent the gauge from working properly. I would suggest first just removing and cleaning the gauge itself and testing. If this does not work, locate the small diameter hose from the HP pump to the gauge and replace, if possible, or clean. I believe the gauge itself is fairly robust and of a simple design. The main issue we have seen has been buildup that prevents the proper operation. Therefore changing the gauge may or may not resolve the problem, and if it does, it may be temporary. By removing and inspecting the condition, I think you will have a better answer as to how to resolve the issue. It is probably a good idea to have a spare, nonetheless. We have purchased one directly from Dessalator.


Please keep in mind that our experience is on a different unit that may or may not apply to yours.


Happy Sailing;



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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] DESSALATOR D60 gauge question - replacement gauge


Hello all;

our D60 water maker appears to run fine even so the TDS seems to be high in the first few minutes based on taste.  I do not yet have a device to test TDS but will get one soon.

My concern right now is the gauge shown below.  When powered off the gauge sits above zero which I likely makes it inaccurate but it seems to function somewhat.

Can anyone suggest a direct replacement that I can easily obtain in the US or PF?  Anything to look out for besides unbolt/install?

Michael SM078
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