Re: DESSALATOR D60 gauge question - replacement gauge

Bill Kinney

Running a watermaker without an accurate pressure gauge is truly flying blind.  Proper pressure is key to running these properly.  My guess is that there is something wrong with the gauge.  It looks like it has been removed in the past, the orientation is not what I would expect for the factory installation.

You are unlikely to find EXACTLY that gauge style, the color coded dial is a Dessalator special.  But any gauge for the right pressure range will work.  Pressure gauges like this are pretty standard in sizes and connections. Once you have it disassembled and in hand, matching with something commercially available should be pretty easy.  The normal working pressure for these membranes is about 50 bar, maximum rated pressure is 60 bar, and the watermaker should shut down at 65 bar.  I would chose a gauge with a maximum pressure rating of 75 0r 80 bar to get a good measuring range.  The option is to get it from Dessalator, if they can still get one of these the price they charge will make your eyes water.

On older units Dessalator  used gauges with real numbers so you could actually understand what was happening. I guess they figured that was too complicated and users couldn't be trusted with that information.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Hollywood, FL

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