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Ian Townsend

Kent, we replaced our fridge 4 years ago with the upright Isotherm Cruise 130 model. Aside from the occasional thermostat change (twice), it’s performed well for us. We bought the ‘Drinks’ version that doesn’t have a freezer compartment. We mounted the wood door to the fridge door with liquid nails. 

Ian & Margaret
Loca Lola II

On Mar 13, 2022, at 1:02 PM, karkauai via <karkauai@...> wrote:

Hi all, hope everyone is getting back out on the water after a rather bizarre two years.
Our galley fridge isn't keeping things cold enough any more.  I've had it worked on several times over the last 10 years and think it may be time to consider a new fridge.  It has always run waaay more than the boxes under the dinette seats, and I suspect it doesn't have efficient insulation.
I read Mark's fix from a few years ago, but I've spent enough money and time on this unit that I could have bought a new one and saved the money and headaches.

Has anyone replaced the upright galley fridge with a new fridge-only unit?  Drawers vs upright?  What model?

I think I could make/install wooden panels that would keep the original look.
I don't want to get into plumbing for a water cooled unit.

Thanks for any help.
Kent & Iris

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