Rack & Pinion


Hi to all from Mary Ellen & Tom on the 1983 Amel 46 "Aphrodite" out of Santa Cruz,California. Since the rack & pinion subject has come up, we have some questions. We have a "clunk, clunk" sound in the R&P area of the steering system. When we are anchored & there is a swell running, the rudder & quadrant move a little but the wheel & the chain sprocket of the auto pilot do not move at all. We assume this is in the R&P. Would this be a symptom of a potential steering system failure? Since we have two steering cables, if we lost one would we be able to steer with the remaining one? We are currently in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and are getting ready to jump across to the So. Pacific. We have lived aboard & cruised "Aphrodite" for the past 10 years. We love our Amel more every year!! Tom & Mary Ellen

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