It doesn't necessarily need to be a chain. Don Jordan suggests 15 to 25-pound weight. So if you plan to use a chain which is what I used, I would use enough chain to equal between 20 and 25 pounds.


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Drifting anchor named after the inventor Donald Jordan. The Jordan Series Drogue consists of a towing line ("series") between 70 and 110 m long, in which numerous (up to 150) small, yellow drifting anchors ("drogues") are woven. The drogues have a conical shape, similar to a lace bag, and are open at both ends. A chain weighing about 10 kg is attached to the end of the towline as a weight. The length of the towline and the number and size of the drogue anchors depend on the size and displacement of the yacht. The Jordan Series drogue should be deployed at the stern and connected to the yacht via a cockpit for better load distribution. It is widely used in the English-speaking world and is considered the best drift anchor par excellence, but also costs about € 1,500.

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Am 16.03.2022 21:22 schrieb Teun BAAS <teun@...>:

I purchased a JORDAN DROGUE from an AMEL owner and shipped it to AUSTRALIA without the chain.


Can anybody tell me what length and maybe what size/weight of chain I need to add to the DROGUE when I get back to the boat next month.




Best Regards Teun

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March 16, 2022 13:22:18


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