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Hello All.

I’ve thought about this a bit.  Luckily never had to deploy our JSD.  BUT, Have been thinking of an easy yoke out of dynama: which we cary a bit of on the boat.  A sling between the aft cleat and the next aft let on the same side.  Find the point where the two are equally loaded and then tie a knot in the sling, so that both cleats are as equally loaded as possible.  The knot is required so as there is no sawing through the bridle attachment of the JSD.  Our aft cleats are pretty beefy, but if you get underneath, its easy to acknowledge, they could fail.  I think a pair of cleats (simultaneously loaded) on each side, as described would be better, but would love other thoughts on the proposed.  

If it's hard to imagine I can try and describe better, or make a drawing.

Many thanks,

A54-152 IBIS
Newcastle, Aus.

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Hi Ruslan,
I am REALLY planning with my “weather planning” on NOT having to use this device at all – hahahahahaha but that’s impossible. To answer your question: at this point I am forced to use the aft cleats as I have no special purposed chain plates for the drogue. Once I have taken care of a bunch of other priorities on the boat I might look if I can re-enforce the aft cleats.
Best Regards Teun
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March 17, 2022 14:06:22
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Hi, do you plan to install chain plates for it or use aft cleats? 

I know Eric uses aft cleats, but he also reinforced them from the factory for exactly that reason. 

what do other Amel owners do? It seems like aft cleats, since I’m yet to see one an Amel with chain plates for a drogue. 

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