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Hi all, just some input regarding loading. A bridle between the aft cleats either side of the stern will not divide the load as the load will be applied to each side as the boat swings. secondly the use of a non stretch cord like dyneema in a shock loading situation is not good and will multiply the loads applied to what ever anchor point you are using, be it cleats or winches. As with snubbers to anchor chains, laid nylon is the best, its stretch will take the shock loads and absorb them preventing those being applied to the anchor point. Use anti chafe where needed.
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On 19/03/2022 02:11 Ruslan Osmonov <rosmonov@...> wrote:

Hi Peter, if you mean to make a Y like bridle between two cleats, with one leg way longer (to amidship cleat), I don't think it will be as strong of a solution, because the weakest link will become the inner cleat. Plus you have new Dyneema line as an extra point of failure. If I'm to think in your line of thought I would think to run a line from aft cleat all the way to fore cleat and then back on the outside and then attach JSD bridle (aft of the boat) but then I wont be able to monitor that connection for chafe as it will be out of reach. 

i.e. looks like we are still with aft cleats solution for now :)

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