Re: A54 toploading fridge/ freezer clarification

Courtney Gorman

Porter there’s a screw behind the hydraulic lift piston 

On Mar 19, 2022, at 1:10 AM, Porter McRoberts via <portermcroberts@...> wrote:

Reudi, Arno, Thomas and all the 54 gang.  

Thank you for this thread. Sadly, however.. I’m still screwed…despite unscrewing everything I can find!  The cabinet shows no sign of movement with screws out, either in the vertical plane, aft plane or laterally.
5 Screws attaching cabinet to backrest/division of galley to salon (Picture one)
3 additional “mystery" screws in similar position (Picture one)
4 screw to the port side of the inside of of the lid enclosure (Picture two)
1 starboard screw attaching to the pillar at the most port of the backrest (not photographed, but in Reudi’s description
 Q: Are there more screws I am missing?

Last photograph is the reason I am so interested in this thread.  On a starboard tack there is a squeak from this join of the cabinetry.  I can see and feel about a half millimeter of travel there, red relative to blue when in any significant seas, which seems to be not occasionally.  

I want to eliminate that squeak (which incidentally doesn’t bother the rest of the crew), but I like a quiet ride, and it's getting more pronounced.

So I seek a solution to that movement, and thinking once cabinet is removed I can best address it. OR if anyone can think of an alternative approach I am all ears.  I can remove the screen at the base and get a hand back and inside.   Glue? More screws?   How do folks deal with squeaks on their boats? Or am I alone in this… the stairs are next...

All thinking appreciated!  

Thank you!

Newcastle, AUS

On Mar 17, 2022, at 8:43 PM, WASABI - Rudolf Waldispuehl <Rudolf@...> wrote:

Hi Porter, Hi Arno,
The half lid version can be removed on the same way. Some of the few screws are slightly on other position. But I’m sure 3-5 on the back of the seating.
I attached a photos from another boat with half lid who removed by a very similar way, but I have not more detailed Information. 
Just watch out around the wood connections to find it. Be aware you don’t need to dismantle the whole fridge.
The complete cabinet come off in one piece, and there are not more than 8-10 connecting screws!
Ruedi Waldispühl
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Be aware you have the half-lid version of the countertop fridge/freezer, I don’t think you can do the same as what Ruedi did. But maybe I’m wrong.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,
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<top load fridge compressor access (3)[2].pdf>

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