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Hi Bill

Not 100% sure if you are trying to pull my leg here - you probably read this
but in case not

Margaret Says Hello :-)

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You are correct, as you are always.

Additionally, if you "lay the refrigerator on its left side facing" as in
step 12, the refrigerant oil will not migrate from the compressor because in
this position the IN & OUT lines are pointed UP.

Hi to Margaret!


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ooops you should not lay a fridge on its side or back or front and then
it back into operation without allowing it to stand vertical for a few
i think 12 hours is recommended for a domestic unit. This is to allow the
refrigerant to drain back down and to ensure there is only gas in the
circuit and not any liquid.



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I apologize for the double posting, but wanted to correct some errors
(step 9 is corrected and NOTE added).

I decided to remove the Frigoboat refrigerator, clean it and replace
brain or electronic unit with a new Danfoss #101N0210. I have carried
this electronic unit in my spares because it is the same unit on all
three Frigoboat refrigerators/freezers.

I found a lot of dust and dirt (seven years worth). If you have five or
more years on your refrigerator, you should clean it. I also found a
broken fan wire that was intermittently making contact. I do not know
if my problem was need of cleaning, replacing the brain, or repairing
the almost broken fan wire, or all of the above; but the refrigerator
now works like new.

Here are the steps I followed:
1. Remove the wood trim beneath the refrigerator by unscrewing the 2
wood screws

2. Remove the floor in front of the refrigerator by removing the
"thumb-bolt" which you can reach through the floor hatch nearest
the companionway

3. Remove the "thumb-bolt" inside the left door under the
sink (door next to refrigerator)

4. Open the refrigerator door and remove the bolt on the left side of
the door wich is used by the door locking mechanism

5. The refrigerator can now be pulled out, but take care not to
damage the wood on the left side of the refrigerator…we used a
plastic cutting-sheet between the wood and the refrigerator…it is a
tight fit…use something or you will regret it.

6. Disconnect the + & - wires from the control box on the front of
the refrigerator and check to make sure they will run free when the
refrigerator is lifted out. On #387 these were White = + or Hot and
Blue = - or Neg.

7. Slide the refrigerator forward all of the way

8. From inside the left door under the sink uncouple the refrigerator
drain hose and make sure it will run free when the refrigerator is
lifted out.

9. Remove the door locking mechanism from the left side facing of the
refrigerator and remove the door by removing the upper and lower door

10. Lift the refrigerator straight up and over the washer

11. I used an old plastic tablecloth to protect the saloon table and
worked inside with the A/C running…I have learned how to do tough
jobs in the tropics.

12. Lay the refrigerator on its left side facing.

13. Find the two "thumb-bolts" securing the wood base to the
refrigerator…remove them and loosen the Velcro holding the
refrigerant lines to the wood base.

14. Carefully loosen the free side of the proximately 6"x9"
foam piece (one side is glued the other free). There are 4 more small
pieces of foam that can be removed for cleaning

15. Now most of the condensing coil area is open to vacuum

16. Unscrew the two machine screws holding the condensing fan and
remove the fan noting the fan's orientation and thoroughly clean the
fan…replace the fan in the same orientation as you previously noted.

17. I changed the Electronic Unit. Frigoboat uses the same Danfoss
101N0210 unit on all of the Frigoboat refrigeration boxes on #387. I
had a spare so I replaced it when I cleaned the refrigerator. Be
careful. There are 8 pins for push-on connectors on the side of the
Electronic Unit and you will only use 7. The one you will not use is
the second +.

18. Reverse the procedure to reinstall.

NOTE: there is some side-to-side adjustment necessary when
replacing the thumb-bolts that secure the refrigerator to the wood
This side-to-side adjustment is necessary to get a good fit when
reinstalling the refrigerator.

We found it easier to make this adjustment after the refrigerator was
inserted about half-way into its place under the counter. So leave
thumb-bolts loose until that point. Also we found that sliding the
refrigerator all the way to "port" on the wood base worked perfectly.


s/v BeBe SM2, #387
Currently Malaysia

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