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Donato Valente

Many thanks Bill

Il giorno gio 24 mar 2022 alle 20:11 CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> ha scritto:
Unfortunately, Dimension Polyant has probably ruined the market for HydraNet because of their mismanagement of the supply chain and especially because they misinformed sailmakers worldwide regarding delivery. It is a shame because HydraNet was the best. I recently reviewed a 2007 A54 with its original HydraNet sails. Even though they were 15 years old with thousands of miles, the condition was good. The owner had the sails checked by sailmakers every 4 years and had replaced the UV panels twice during the lifetime of these sails. 

I think that I would go with the Fibercom Pro Hybrid, cut and sewn in the same triradial pattern as the HydraNet Radial. I think that Nautosphere Voyager is good, but I cannot get my head around crosscut sails at the price demanded by Nautosphere Voyager.


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Good day to everyone. 
We are considering to buy new sails and were oriented on HydraNet Radial, as per suggestions acquired on this forum. 
The Turkish sailormaker informed that the delivery of the above is unpredictable at the moment. Therefore he is offering as valid alternative Nautosphere Voyager OR Fibercom Pro Hybrid, stating that they have same specs as Hydranet, especially Fibercom. 
Since I have poor knowledge about sail brands, would appreciate opinions, pros and cons and experiences about the alternative they offer. It would be of great help for a right choice.
 Many thanks 
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