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Ian Townsend

Thanks for pics everyone. Here is the issue I encountered when going to mount my VF44 gearbox (purchased from Drivetech when AMEL was out of stock for several months) and the CIMA motor I bought directly from AMEL. 

The flange size for the VF44 gearbox does not match the CIMA motor that AMEL is now selling. My old motor and gearbox were both the same diameter. VF44 Gearbox OD is 90mm. New Motor OD is 83mm. Motor mounting holes are on 60mm centers which are right atop the inside ring of the gearbox flange. It’s odd. 

Ian & Margaret
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On Mar 28, 2022, at 11:24 AM, Brian Gifford <BrianG701@...> wrote:

I bought the VF44 gearboxes direct from Drivetech Online in Florida last year for my Maramu. The gearboxes have been discontinued some years ago but they were more than happy to make me a set. The lead time was long but worth it since I have nice new set of gearboxes to have as spares. I will be putting grease in them before I use them since they have gear coil in them from the manufacturer and I'll modify the mounting holes if needed. I think the only real modification that amel makes is the drain grove near the top bearing on the output. They also drill the mounting flange to accept the motor. Other than that there were no there differences I could see on the gearboxes on my Maramu. 
Brian Gifford
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