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Porter McRoberts

Exactly the same message about the “H” version from the North American engineers for me Teun. 

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My VOLVO D3H idles around 700/750 rpm.


The AUSTRALIAN VOLVO installer, who came to NEW CALEDONIA twice or three times, also provides services to the AUSTRALIAN and NEW ZEALAND NAVY and told me to alternate from time to time from 1250 or so RPM’s to maybe 1600 to 1700 RPMS for a short period.


On my specific question about running the engine on high RPM to burn out soot etc. he told me that the VOLVO D3 is so computerized and doesn’t need this “old style” diesel approach.

I am not sure he was referring to the D3 H or also the D3 C.


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Hi Ruslan, I tend to agree with your thoughts, 1100 rpm is barely above an idle. 


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On 07/04/2022 23:50 Ruslan Osmonov <rosmonov@...> wrote:



Hi, does anyone know Volvo recommended rpm for long engine hours? The reason I ask is that my previous boat had Kubota engine and in the manual a recommendation was to run at 80% capacity (1800-2200 RPM) and then periodically run at red line, but not exceed 15min on an hour at 3000. and pretty much everywhere you read about boats and Diesel engines, the recommendation is Diesel engines like to run "hot" and babying Diesel engines will cause cylinders glazing and subsequent damages as a consequence. i.e. low RPMs for a Diesel engine for a long time is a big no no. I understand Volvo engines are "smart" engines and there is a lot of electronics to help with fuel consumption, but curious to hear what is Volvo user manual recommendations are. 

BTW, this is quote from A54 User Manual. "The most efficient motoring’s range is situated between 1 500 and 2 500 rpm. Never run it over 3 000 rpm continuously."

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