Re: Bow thruster seals


It is a sealant. RTV means Room Temperature Vulcanization meaning that the rubber sets up and binds without heat. These are "adhesive sealants" and they have are not strong like say 5200 or urethane glue, but more like regular silicone adhesive/sealants. The Blue RTV is a Loctite Permatex product that can be used to make gaskets (handy to have on your boat). I have used it both on the thruster seals (on the seal surface that is on the thruster body NOT on the rotating shaft) and it works well. This product is also good for bedding the rubber push buttons on the windlass.

Brittany de la Mer
1993 Santorin #86

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A couple of years ago, someone posted an excellent file and photos related to servicing bow thruster seals. They referred to something called RTV, which was used to help secure the seals to the opening. I believe RTV is silicone. Were they referring to silicone grease or sealant? Thanks!

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