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I have the same engine on my SM2000. The best is to attached to rings on the
metal side of the motor so you can hang the motor from there is very
helpful. The second is to find in your boat the rope with two inox shackles
that you put on the rings on the motor and you put the put through the two
rollers on the mizzen boom. The end of the rope has a small loop and you
attach this to the halyard used for the passarele by this way you can pull
up the motor with the winch and release it to the dinghy by moving the boom
over the dinghy and lower the motor. It is better to try the procedure
without swell. I put a rope from the back of the dinghy to the boat to fix
it alongside the side of the boat.

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Subject: [Amel] 8 HP OUTBOARD ENGINE

Hello everybody, I have a new outboard 8 hp engine in my Supermaramu
(AILAMA). I am looking for a procedure to put the engine in the dingy
by myself. It weight 40 Kg and I do not Know the proper procedure to
do it. Does anybody Know the procedure?.
THANKS in advance

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